Nisargopachar Kendra (निसर्गोपचार केन्द्र)

Vinoba Bhave Ashram, Gotri, Vadodara 390021 INDIA
Ph: +91 (265) 237-1880 Email:
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Gandhi possessed a multi-faceted personality. He held unique views on various aspects related to life including politics, sociology, economics, environment & health and also lived what he preached. What he advocated about a century ago is considered a solution to many of the issues in health care we are facing today. And this holds true for many other area related life. He was a great visionary!

This convention is organized to discuss relevance of holistic approach in health care and healthy life style inclusive of Diet (Ahar), Exercise & Daily routine (Vihar), Mind, Emotions and Environment and to understand life and death in a holistic perspective.

In the first session, we will discuss about need of various aspects of holistic and healthy life style with modern scientific background, role of mind and emotion in health and disease and about food and fasting for health. The speakers for this session include Padmashree Dr. Abhay Bang, who was awarded by WHO as Public health Champion in 2016; Dr. Ashok Vaidya, father of reverse pharmacology in India; and learned researcher Dr. Ashwinikumar Raut.

The second session is about holistic perspective on life and death. What is death from the spiritual perspective? Can we get away from fear of death? Can we celebrate death? Is there anything that can avoid or delay aging process? How far it is justified to prolong life in old age with intensive medical care? Can we improve quality of death and dying? We will have dialogue about such less-discussed topics. The speakers for this session include Shri Pravinaben Desai, a Sadhika from Brahmavidya Mandir, Paonar; Dr. Lopa Mehta, ex-professor, KEM Hospital, Mumbai; Dr. Usha Vastare, a distinguished neuroscientist and Shri Ashok Bhargava, a health-educator.

We have separate slot for Q&A and panel discussion in both the sessions. The discussions will be concluded by Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar, a noted Gandhian.

This convention will be interesting and useful to doctors, medical students, senior citizens and their family members and general public interested in health. Please note that the participation in the program is free. But registration is essential.

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